Miley Cyrus Hospitalized With Severe Allergic Reaction — No, It’s Not the Illuminati

We are getting a lot of searches regarding Miley Cyrus being hospitalized.  Reports are that she has suffered a severe allergic reaction to some antibiotics that resulted in her being hospitalized for the moment.  There is no reason at this point to think that this is in any way life-threatening, and in fact, Ms. Cyrus has repeatedly Tweeted from the hospital throughout her experience.

For those that subscribe to the Illuminati logic, it can be a red flag that maybe Miley is about to be the victim of an Illuminati murder plot or sacrifice.  The reality is that she’s sick, and with stars you can bet they are taking every precaution.  No doctor wants to be the one that killed Miley Cyrus.  So, perhaps the Illuminati is out to get Miley, but not today, it seems.

We also should point out that Miley’s behavior is much more consistent with her going along with the Illuminati, not opposing it. Another reason why it’s hard to see why this sickness is anything more than it appears.