Mars Rover Picks Up Shiny Light in the Distance on Mars Surface

The wealth of photographs coming down from the Red Planet courtesy of NASA’s latest ultra-successful rover mission are a springboard for conspiracy theories and unusual sightings.  Many people have seen designs in the rocks, but it is a lot like looking at the clouds here on Earth… everyone kind of sees what they want to see.  Until now.  This photograph from the Martian surface is making major waves because it is unique.  Everyone is seeing the same thing, and NASA is offering no explanation.

Be aware that these images are straight from the NASA website.  You can view or download them yourself and this is what you get, or at least, up until the time of this article’s publication.  The shiny white light in the distance in the upper left corner is what everyone is talking about.  While there are plenty of speculations about the nature of this light, so far, there are no real breadwinning theories.  And for NASA, there is still no word to try to stop the discussion that is quickly escalating to a fever pitch.  We have included the original photo.  The second is a zoomed in image that shows the light in more detail, albeit distorted.

What do you think?  What is the mysterious light on Mars?


One thought on “Mars Rover Picks Up Shiny Light in the Distance on Mars Surface”

  1. It could be fragments of a Soviet probe, reflecting the light from the Sun.
    At least one was lost very close to Mars orbit and might have stayed in orbit for years then re-entered in a somewhat controlled fashion scattering bits of highly reflective solar panels on its way.

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