Mainstream Media’s Smears Cliven Bundy — Real Interview Versus What They are Feeding You

If you pay any attention to the mainstream media, you probably heard the uproar about Cliven Bundy’s horrific anti-gay, racist ranting of an interview that was selectively aired all over the nation’s television sets to show us what a terrible backwards son of a b**tch that was standing in the way of the government’s progress when he wouldn’t roll over and let the government take his ranch without a fight.  Well, in what should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, if you watch Cliven Bundy’s real interview, you will see how craftily and deceptively the mainstream media extracted the right words from Bundy and then arranged them to tell the story that they wanted.

Stuff like this should be disturbing to every American for a variety of reasons.  First of all is the obvious.  They aren’t telling the truth, and are using the media’s version of Photoshop to advance their own agenda.  More importantly is the ease of it all.  See how easily they were able to manipulate this to the government’s agenda and make people change their opinions about the situation overnight.  The government specializes in this, and they employ this tactic literally all the time.  Every word uttered on the mainstream media has a specific purpose.  It’s not censored.  It’s worse.  They aren’t censored because they know in advance exactly what slant they will be putting on whatever news they happen to be reporting.