Mainstream Media Actually Agrees With Conspiracy Theorists About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

It’s becoming one of the biggest mysteries ever.  Where is Flight MH370?  Ever since it became apparent that no one knew the answer to that question, many conspiracy theorists and Common Sense Conspiracy have sat back and reminded everyone that no one actually knows that this plane ever crashed.  CNN and other mainstream media sources ridiculed all those that opposed the idea that Flight MH370 could be anywhere but at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, but lo and behold six weeks later, the mainstream media is now reporting that perhaps the plane might have landed after all.

That’s right.  The mainstream media from multiple sources is now agreeing with the same conspiracy theorists it ridiculed.  They are actually now saying publicly that the plane could have landed somewhere and they are seriously considering changing the focus of the search in the next few days if something dramatic doesn’t happen.

This revelation that there is another possibility comes six weeks after the crash.  Conspiracy sites like this one arrived at this conclusion two or three days after the flight came up missing.  We were all told we were idiots.  The mainstream media published story after story ridiculing conspiracy theorists and encouraging the general public not to believe nonsense.

Now, they are agreeing with every word.  Only, if you ask the mainstream media today, conspiracy theorists never suggested such a thing.  It was never brought up.

The search for Flight MH370 continues, but it will never be found.  That’s out official prediction here at Common Sense Conspiracy.  But the mainstream media may not be pushing an agenda.  They are actually coming full circle now and finding nowhere to turn but to embrace what they once labelled as rogue conspiracy theories.  Perhaps Flight MH370’s real fate is so top secret that not even the ones that pull the marionette strings of the mainstream media are willing to let anything go on this one.  What do you think?

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  1. Are they protecting Israel! Are Neocons behind this like William Kristol? What is going on?

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