Freedom From Religion Foundation Lawsuit Against Clemson Shows Who the Biggest Bully Organization in America Right Now Is

We hear about bullying 24/7 from the mainstream media.  Well, Common Sense Conspiracy has news for you.  You want to see some serious bullying?  Look no further than the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  This organization that actively tries to stop itself from being branded an “atheist organization” (despite the fact that this is precisely what it is) supposedly fights religious involvement in government.  They have now filed a federal lawsuit against the University of Clemson’s football program because head coach Davo Swinney allegedly keeps a culture of Christianity available to players and students at a public university.

If you haven’t heard the story, Clemson does not require anyone to participate in any sort of religious practice, and many on the football team indeed do not participate.  However, for the students that do want to do so, they have a chaplain and engage in terrible, obscene things like praying before football games.  Really hurtful stuff like that.  The FFRF is intervening on the behalf of no one in particular to try to stop this barbarian behavior that is obviously discriminating against someone out there’s right to do something, even though even the FFRF can’t immediately identify what that something is.

A spokesperson for the FFRF of the legal variety has been making the talk show circuit promoting what they think is a watershed moment in their war on religion.  They try to sell that they are not against religion and simply want protection from religion being involved in government and public education.  This, of course, completely in spite of the name of their organization which clearly indicates that they want freedom from religion period.  In any case, what this lawsuit proves is that atheists as a whole are one of two things.

1.  They are incredibly stupid.  They have raised their children to believe there is no god, no religion, no nothing, you are wormdirt when you die.  They embrace it.  It’s fun.  They still play Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, just without the guilt.  They teach and believe in evolution and science.  Yet they are so incredibly dumb that just seeing other people practicing religion in their general vicinity is apparently so scary that it tears there entire structure down.  They are so stupid that just seeing some people praying can make them fall to pieces.

2.  They are incredible bullies.  They masquerade around as a group that tolerates this, that, and everything, but meanwhile, they are forcibly trying to shove their own view down others’ throats.

There are plenty of instances of religion being wrongly involved in governmental practices.  There are plenty of instances of religion overstepping its bounds in the public arena.

This is not it.  This is just the FFRF trying to be a bully.  Clear and simple.

How long before a group of Christians form a Freedom from Atheists organization?

They better hurry.