Does It Really Matter If Jesus Christ Had a Wife?

At the publishing of this article, a lot was being made of new “evidence” that the supposed gospel of Jesus Christ’s wife was actually authentic.  You can Google the whole story if you are so moved, but as for Common Sense Conspiracy, we wanted to take a moment in time to try to understand why this debate still matters.

Jesus Christ's supposed wife has made headlines before now...but does it make a difference?
Jesus Christ’s supposed wife has made headlines before now…but does it make a difference?

This is not a religious site.  We do not push a Christian agenda.  However, for the sake of argument, in this case, we want to take the Christian side.  You are a diehard, devout Christian.  You believe that Jesus Christ was the end-all be-all and that He saved you from hell and damnation by taking your sins upon Himself.  Okay.  Then why on Earth does it matter to you if He had a wife?

Is having a wife a sin?  No.  Is having sex with your wife a sin?  No.  Is having a child through a legitimate marriage a sin?  No.

So why do so many people care if Jesus Christ had a wife?  We all remember the controversy that thrust Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code into the upper stratosphere of best sellers.  It’s not that hard to understand why the Catholic Church would have tried to hide it if Jesus Christ had a wife and a child.  They still don’t let their clergy have normal sexual relationships and spouses to this day.  They believed in a different Jesus; a holier than thou Jesus who could have never lived as a normal man.

A normal man has a wife.  A normal man might have children.  A normal man desires sex.  If Jesus was God come to the Earth as man, then he was probably a normal man too.  Why would him engaging in a perfectly natural and sinless relationship make you think any more or less of him?

The Catholics were worried that a more down-to-Earth Jesus Christ that was a man with a wife and possibly a child would make everyone question his divinity.  Well, they lost that one, because his divinity has been questioned pretty much every minute of every day since he left this Earth, regardless of which way you think he did.

The teachings of the man are not affected by this.  If you believe in Jesus Christ, then why would him having or not having a wife have any bearing on where you have placed your loyalty?

And if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, then why would you think that this story and “discovery” matters?  Jesus was just as real or not real as he was before this story surfaced.  So, for the atheist crowd out there, why are you so eager to find something proves that Jesus is not real?  If you really don’t believe, then why look for answers to back up your hypothesis?

Does it make sense for a real atheist to gloat when religious doctrines are “proven” wrong while still going forward in his openly acknowledged state of ignorance to how anything and everything works?