Deer UFO — Close Encounter of the Animal Kind?

A video from a hunter’s camera in the woods of Mississippi is capturing the interest of many across the nation.  It supposedly shows a UFO descending in an area where a deer is hanging out.  The camera catches the unexplained phenomenon more than once, and the deer does appear to be spooked by the unusual occurrence.  To make it a little more juicy, the area is completely devoid of roads and the object is too close to the ground to be a passing aircraft.

What do you make of the “deer UFO?”  We remind our readers that in this day and age, it is just simply too easy and accessible to manipulate a video, especially one of lower quality such as this one.  Is it fascinating?  Yes.  But are we any closer to verifying that this is in fact an unidentified flying object?  Probably not.  But it doesn’t hurt to check it out and we would love to hear your theories in the comment section below.