BREAKING NEWS: A New Fort Hood Shooting

What are the odds of this one?  Yet another Fort Hood shooting spree has so far left one confirmed dead and fourteen injured.  Fort Hood is of course the site of a much deadlier killing spree by Nidal Hassan that is frequently a source of conspiracy theory speculation.  Now, with another active shooter situation in the same place, you can bet that plenty of people are going to be taking notice.

Common Sense Conspiracy has heard chatter and some anonymous tips that the shooter is of Middle Eastern descent.  However, that has not been confirmed at this time.  As usual, the mainstream media can’t get its story straight.  So far, we have heard there might be two suspects, that the gunman is dead, and that one person is dead or maybe just wounded.  This is quite common as the disinformation campaign sets in.  We will try to filter through the incoming information as quickly as we can and get you a better report as soon as we can get it together.  In the meantime, the comments section is open for discussion.  What do you make of this latest development?