BREAKING NEWS: 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Northern Chile — Tsunami Warning!

Coastal towns were quickly but calmly being evacuated after a very powerful 8.0-magnitude earthquake struck northern Chile this evening.  There is great concern due to the location and epicenter of the earthquake that a tsunami could be imminent.  As you probably know, an 8.0-magnitude earthquake is very significant, even for an area that is somewhat prepared.  There has been seismic action in the area, but nothing on this level.

There are several things to remember here.  First of all, for Americans, it is a reminder that increased activity often is a precursor to a major strike.  Activity in California in recent days has reached a fever pitch with many people concerned that the “Big One” is getting ready to show itself.  The situation in Chile over the last couple of weeks leading up to today will not quell any of those fears.  Also, the threat of a potential tsunami threat on the West Coast of the United States is very real, and not enough Americans realize how similar to the Japan situation a tsunami event could be.

As for our conspiracy-minded readers, much is made of major earthquake predictions.  We have long kept up with the popular “187/188 Day Earthquake Cycle Theory” and we will be re-running some of those articles as there is always piqued interest after a major seismic event.  Hopefully, the experts will be wrong and there will be no tsunami in Chile tonight.