Do You Believe “Red” States Deserve Death and Destruction from Tornadoes?

Well, sue us if we can’t turn down a provocative title.  You may be scratching your head regardless of your political affiliation.  Are there really Americans that would think something like this?  Well, there sure are, and this article is not really designed to call out a bunch of assholes using the Internet to anonymously wish death and destruction on their fellow citizens, but to illustrate how this opinion spotlights what is really wrong with our country in more ways than one.

Maybe one day we can just be "American" states again.
Maybe one day we can just be “American” states again.

Over the past couple of days tornadoes have ravaged several states.  Most of these are “red” states.  If you aren’t up on your political bullshit, that means they vote for Republicans in elections on a regular basis.  If you think we are making this up, perform a simple experiment.  Go to any mainstream media source and pull up an article about the tornadoes.  Scroll down to the comments.  No matter where you go or what source you are using, you will find that someone of the liberal persuasion is commenting that the “red” states are getting what they deserve.  You will also see several people talk about Hurricane Sandy and how this is some sort of karma-ish payback for Republicans standing in the way of more aid for New Jersey and other areas affected.

First of all, whether states are “red” or “blue” hardly makes them deserving of any sort of death and destruction.  That we are even having to explain that is silly, and we fully realize that the overwhelming majority of Americans would never think such a thing.  These assholes masquerade on message boards with cloaks of anonymity.  Most of these idiots would never say such a callous thing as this publicly, but because they can do it without their real identities being discovered, it’s open season.  This article is not Republican, so don’t get any ideas.  It is well, well documented what Common Sense Conspiracy’s political affiliation is throughout our site’s thousands of articles.  However, this problem we are discussing tends to only manifest in Democrats.  Why?  Honestly, people in these states are more likely to pray for their counterparts in times of tragedy, even if a lot of their counterparts think prayer is silly or childish.  This particular brand of lashing out tends to be a Democrat thing.  But mostly it’s just an asshole thing, and both parties have their fair share for sure.

It’s a classic example of what the mainstream media and our government have done to create this climate where one faction of our society could actually be laughing and giggling at a natural disaster that happens to the other.  It’s called division.  We are a divided nation, and both sides think they are right.  They are both equally wrong, because there is really only one political party.  The road to this slaughterhouse only appears to have different paths, but they both end up in the same place.

What these comments on these articles are is pure hate, the kind that if it were of the racial variety would dominate the airwaves.  No mainstream media source will be debating or informing about this particular brand of hatred.  It doesn’t matter, because it’s not pertinent in their agenda.  And it’s not even about politics.  Fox News is often considered the “Republican” representative of the mainstream media.  Do you think they’ll be examining this?  Absolutely not.  Because this brand of hate is government-sanctioned and encouraged.  It keeps us divided and ignoring the real enemy.

So, whatever color your state is, what do you think?  Does political affiliation deserve death and destruction?  Are we at this point in America where it’s that polarized that people are excited to see the suffering of other Americans, especially if it represents some kind of political revenge theory?  We want to hear your opinions.

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  1. Liberal or Conservative; History is loaded with the so called calamities of god and the reasons for it! Mother Nature is no respecter of persons….you get what you get! There may be some truth to a collective mind set and the power of the quantum. Like the myth of the walls of Jericho….myth or not, we as entity’s have the power to change the outcomes things…….but I find it hard to believe as citizens we can be so callous…….eventually the mob rule created by the mentalities of class warfare will destroy the ideologies of the American dream, and any hope of a government of choice, justice, and harmony, the pursuit of happiness will be looking down a barrel of perdition.

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