A Public Service Announcement — Being Bullied Does Not Give You the Right to Kill Everyone

In light of this week’s news, Common Sense Conspiracy has decided to take this moment to solve a major world problem.  In this mass stabbing event at a school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are now being told that what triggered the rampage was bullying. Of course, bullying is all the rage these days, and almost everything that can be blamed on it has been blamed on it (and a few that can’t really be).  In any case, we are going to end the suspense right now.

This is a public service announcement.  Your attention please!  Being bullied does not give you the right to kill everybody around you.  This is not a normal reaction to bullying.  Even in the most severe cases of bullying, it does not make sense to kill other people that have nothing to do with the bullying while killing the actual bully.  Or not.  You know, actually, whatever order you decide to kill everybody in doesn’t really matter.  See, killing everybody is not one of the valid options here.

Common Sense Conspiracy doesn’t like bullies.  We abhor bullies.  We also understand that bullying is a part of life in our country.  If you don’t encounter a bully in high school, you’ll encounter them in the real world shortly thereafter.  Now, we all agree that calling someone a name and beating the hell out of them are two very different things, and that is why we have different words for such transgressions.  One is a verbal assault, the other is a physical assault.  One is awfully mean but not inherently illegal.  The other is a crime.

When the mainstream media talks about “bullying,” they don’t mean someone trying to take Opie’s lunch money.  Or do they?  See, the problem with the mainstream media is they never specify what they mean by the word.  To loop together someone calling a gay person a gay person in the same category as someone physically assaulting someone only convolutes it further.  Are we saying one or the other is okay?  Of course not.  Kids shouldn’t call gay people gay people.  But they are going to, at least until our society advances a few generations down the road.  They are going to call someone with glasses “four-eyes” and all the rest.  It’s silly, it’s hurtful, and it’s shameful, but it is a part of life, and they will experience it at some point.  Physical violence is a whole different thing, and obviously must be addressed immediately by everyone and anyone involved.  But putting all of that in a bowl and stirring it around is making it a big mess.  The mainstream media does this for a reason.  They are promoting an agenda, and by lumping together every child that ever called another kid a mean name in with outright physical abuse makes it easier for them to promote that agenda.

So, once again, no matter how much you are bullied by those around you, you never, ever, not at any point on any planet in the universe have the inalienable right to kill everyone around you because of it.  As a matter of fact, that sounds an awful lot like (gasp!) bullying.  Hmm.

So, when this nutcase goes ballistic and stabs everyone in the area, don’t go “Aww” when you find out that Mommy didn’t give him enough affection or that the kids used to sing the “Zestfully Clean” song when he comes in the room.  That sucks real bad, and maybe he should have got someone to help him, but what he did is not a proper reaction.

People who think they have the right to take others lives for whatever they have been through should accept the fact that if they believe that, then they are making an agreement in terms to let the government take their life in return.  Don’t feel sorry for this guy.  If he has a legitimate mental illness, we might be able to talk about that.  But if he has a legitimate mental illness, why would everyone be pointing to “bullying,” something that almost every American citizen encounters in some form or fashion in their life.

Well, we’re very glad to have cleared this up.  Now, I’m sure that we will not hear of anymore killings regarding bullying.  I mean, now that they know you can’t do that, I’m sure things will get better.  Oh, the lives we could have saved if we had only came up with this PSA sooner.