Yellowstone Earthquake Could Be Harbinger of Things to Come — Restless Supervolcano Cover-up?

The infamous geysers at Yellowstone National Park suffered the biggest earthquake in 34 years earlier today.  While an earthquake in the 4’s of the Richter scale may make a few people in California scoff, the fact that it just happened in an area that sports a super volcano that could cover the entire mainland United States in volcanic ash is reason for concern.  Scientists continue to insist there is no reason for concern, but this paired with the Washington State mudslide and the resurgence in major seismic activity along the San Andreas Fault has a lot of people wondering what is going on.

Yellowstone is no stranger to conspiracy theorists.  Many believe that the government is purposely forbidding any information or warnings about the potential Yellowstone event from getting out because of the panic it might cause.  We included a video from one such entity that insists we aren’t being told enough about Yellowstone.

What do you think?