Was Flight MH370 Shot Down By the Military — Accidentally or Otherwise?

We know…at first glance it sounds like the usual conspiracy mumbo jumbo, but how educated are you on this topic?

Theories about the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines headed to Beijing are rampant, but this particular theory is getting absolutely no press.  Why?  Well, if the American military or a foreign military shot down MH370, be it accidental or on purpose, do you think the mainstream media would be debating it on international television?

If you think that it couldn’t possibly be accidental, guess again.  Not only could it happen, but it has happened.  Do you remember back to 1988?  The United States Navy “accidentally” shot down an Iranian plane killing 290 passengers and crew.  Go a little further back to 1983 when a Russian fighter shot down a Korean jet.  It does happen.  They don’t like to talk about it real loud, but it does happen.

AP_malaysia_jef_140307_16x9_608-2One big problem with the story right now is that the only that has been discovered of Flight MH370 is oil slicks that are presumed to be from the crash.  No debris has been found.  So, the theory is that something happened and the jet completely disintegrated to the point that there is no evidence it ever existed except a couple of oil slicks where it entered the ocean.  Some are theorizing this was a terrorist act.  Well, if it was, what did they do?  Fly the plane into the ocean?  Well, then why is there no debris?  Detonate a bomb?  Could they get enough explosives onboard secretly to not only take down the plane but completely disintegrate it?

Or is it more likely that a military used very powerful missiles to shoot down the plane, certainly being capable of destroying it with nary a trace?

And what about the passport fiasco?  Well, there’s a problem with that too.  The two stolen passports that the possible hijackers/terrorists used to board MH370 were reported stolen some time before this incident.  This means that trying to board the plane with this passport should have been an obvious red flag.  So, either Malaysian airport authorities didn’t check the passports at all or there is more to the story than we are being told.  Would potential hijackers be that sure that no one would really check the passport?  Maybe.  Maybe they ran some tests and found that the Malaysian version of the TSA was lackadaisical in there checking up on these things at best.  Time will tell on that as investigations are conducted and more information becomes available.  Until we hear something, though, it is natural to wonder where the truth lies.  The debate will continue, and if no more information is released or evidence found, this could become one of the great mysteries of our time.

What do you think happened to MH370?  Are you buying the story so far?

5 thoughts on “Was Flight MH370 Shot Down By the Military — Accidentally or Otherwise?”

  1. This is another Red Flag Event. Just like Sandy Hook. Just like 9/11. Just like all the Garbage they keep shoving down our throat and try to scare everyone. I am sick of this Sht. Just like I am sick of Geoengineering. Now that is not a hoax. Chemtrails are very real and are doing the world in each and every day. What a bunch of BS. Keep making the rich even more richer because of their taste for greed. Well screw the richy’s. Their turn is coming sooner then later. Has to because more and more are waking up

  2. This is the only theory that I have not heard that makes perfect sense.

    The cut and paste is from the following link: http://www.globalresearch.ca/shrouded-in-mystery-conflicting-accounts-of-vanished-malaysia-airline-flight-370/5373287

    One possible explanation for the MH370 disappearance has received little press coverage. Last year, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) warned of a serious technical flaw in Boeing 777s, one of which was used in the flight. The FAA issued a worldwide alert over the dangers of cracking in the fuselage skin underneath the aircraft’s satellite antenna that could lead to decompression and render the occupants, including the crew, unconscious.

    As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, a posting on the Professional Pilots Rumour Network explained: “A slow decompression (e.g. from a golfball-sized hole) would have gradually impaired and confused the pilots before cabin altitude (pressure) warnings sounded… If the decompression was slow enough, it’s possible the pilots did not realise to put on oxygen masks before it was too late.” The site of the flaw could also account for the failure of satellite communications, including the aircraft’s transponder. If that happened, the plane could continue to fly on automatically or veer off course, with the crew and passengers unconscious.

    The theory, of course, is speculative, but there are obvious reasons for both Boeing and Malaysian Airlines to downplay such a mechanical flaw. The FAA directive was issued after an inspection of a 14-year-old Boeing 777 discovered a 16-inch crack. The agency called for “repetitive inspections of the visible fuselage skin and doubler” to be incorporated into the routine maintenance schedule for the Boeing 777s worldwide.

    When contacted by Fairfax Media, a Boeing spokeswoman declared that it was up to individual airlines, not the manufacturer, to follow FAA directives. The article indicated that it was not known if Malaysia Airlines had incorporated the directive into the maintenance schedule for its Boeing 777 fleet. The airline made substantial losses over the past three years and last year cut its maintenance costs. It has emphasised its good safety record and the experience of the crew flying MH370.

  3. The plane is still intact somewhere, the cell phones of the passengers are still ringing, therefore they are not at the bottom of the ocean, nor destroyed by fire or whatever. If you want to find or know why the plane is missing, then start with the cargo, the passengers and what was worth the flight being taken over remotely either in the cargo or the passengers. The plane will not be used later for weapon against USA as some predict, as it could not fly low enough long enough to make it under radar. There was something important on the plane to take it. Some agencys know full well where this plane is as it could not have flown 4-8 hrs after the transponder was turned off without some tracking.

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