United States Won’t Recognize Crimea Vote — Oh the Stink of Hypocrisy

Results from a vote in Crimea on whether to join Russia or not are in, and it seems that Crimea wants to be one with the Kremlin. President Barack Obama had more stern words for Crimea and Russia in the wake of the referendum, telling Putin that the United States will not recognize the vote as valid.

Whoa!  Wait a minute!  What’s that, you say?

Crimea_republic_map-3The United States of America’s President has told Russia that it will not recognize a democratic vote by the people of Crimea because he disagrees with the result of it.  Oh, the hypocrisy!  America, the nation that goes out of its way to try to spread “democracy” throughout the world turns its back on it when it doesn’t set well.

The people of Crimea have spoken.  They want to be a part of Russia.  What was represented in America by the mainstream media as an unparalleled move of aggression when Russia invaded Crimea was actually welcomed by the people there.  They weren’t scared.  They weren’t frightened.  They were glad.  They were happy to see Russian forces because they knew their big brother had their back in what will now obviously be a bitter civil war unless all sides agree to disagree.

So, who’s interests is President Barack Obama looking out for exactly?  Obviously, by these latest statements, it’s not the people of Crimea.

Imagine this scenario.  Imagine if part of Mexico desperately wanted to join the United States but the other half didn’t.  Imagine the United States stepping in to help and basically arranging to annex part of Mexico.  Then imagine the people of that region voting overwhelmingly to join the United States of America.  Then imagine Russia saying that it wouldn’t recognize the vote and that as far as it was concerned, that region was still a part of Mexico.

Americans and the mainstream media would condemn Russia, calling them Communist pinko pigs out for their own interests and not the will or well-being of the people.

Ahem.  Get it?