Rapper Benzino Shot at Mother’s Funeral — No Illuminati Involvement

Rapper Benzino is a regular on the Illuminati circuit, but not for the usual reasons.  He actually has spoken out against the Illuminati or at least attempted to expose them in several interviews.  Therefore, it’s only natural that when the news broke that Benzino had been shot on the way to his own mother’s funeral, plenty of people were searching for whether this situation could have an Illuminati angle.

Does it?  Well, most likely not.  It seems that his nephew shot him in the arm.  He’s in custody of the police.  The whole story isn’t clear, but thus far, it seems like Benzino has plenty of family drama in the midst of family tragedy, but as far as anyone can tell, the Illuminati doesn’t appear to be involved.  But if you want to see what Benzino has to say about the Illuminati, enjoy the video below: