“On the Brink of Disaster” — Barry and Kerry Don’t Inspire Much Optimism

On the world stage, there is one thing that is for sure in light of what has happened in the last few days:  world leaders are about as afraid of a stern warning from President Barack Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry as a lion is to a scared housecat.  The escalating situation in Ukraine shows it.  Barack and John said “you better not” and pointed their fingers, and the next day, Russia Putin took over the entire Crimea region with no signs of turning back now.  Not only did he not listen, but it’s pretty apparent that it was an “in your face” move that was designed to send a resounding message to America…Russia doesn’t make decisions based on what America thinks.

Or was it?  Was it a message?  Was Russia trying to tell us something?  Maybe we are giving ourselves too much credit.  Maybe Russia simply didn’t acknowledge the warnings of Obama and company at all and this latest move was what they were going to do anyway, even if Obama had ignored them and kept his golf date or perhaps took a vacation in Hawaii.  Has America now sunk to the point that our leaders deserve this kind of negligence from other nations?  Does a “stern warning” from our leaders in this time really amount to anything?

While Common Sense Conspiracy continues to admonish everyone that the so-called two party system in America is actually one and the same, one area where the political parties do seem to have a fair amount of difference is in military defense.  There’s a reason that Republican leaders are more likely to have their warnings adhered to than Democratic leaders.  Put simply, world leaders know that Republican leaders will go to war and it doesn’t take that much to make them do it (see George W. Bush for more information).  Democratic leaders have the opposite reputation, and President Barack Obama, despite being five years in, has never been truly tested.  Sure, people point to things like the Osama bin Laden raid (which, as anyone in conspiracy circles will quickly point out, may or may not have even occurred) as incidents where Obama passed the test.  Well, that’s just silly.  Look at Benghazi, Syria, Iran, or even North Korea.  Obama has never been really tested.  Foreign leaders still regard Obama as a pushover that isn’t going to do much if he does anything at all.

So far they’ve been absolutely correct in this assessment.

So, either way you look at it, the likes of Barack Obama or John Kerry is not going to send Putin running away screaming in fear.  If anything, Putin is amused by the American warnings, knowing full well that no one in a position of power in the United States right now has any intention of picking a fight with Russia, regardless of how blatant there advances become.  This can be the penalty of having what are internationally perceived as weak leaders, at least in situations like this.  But maybe it’s not a penalty.  For those that think the United States should not be involved in the affairs of Ukraine to begin with, you are in luck.  It is extremely unlikely that President Barack Obama has any inclination to do anything about Russia except impose some kind of silly economic sanctions that amount to nothing more than the shaking of a fist, a “pop”, and a stern “don’t do that again.”

What do you think?  Do you feel secure that President Barack Obama can make the right decisions?  And if the “right decision” became going to war, would he have the guts to pull that move?  We want to hear your opinions.