Obama Says That Romney is Still Wrong — Why We Agree With Obama That Russia is Not Our Biggest Foe

Common Sense Conspiracy has been watching the ongoing situation with Russia and its sudden invasion of Crimea, and we have noted the reactions of American politicians, specifically the President of the United States Barack Obama.  Today, even as Russia’s Vladimir Putin continues to not be frightened at all by Obama’s bold words, the President cleverly fielded questions from reporters that were meant to leave egg on his face.

It goes back to before the election when challenger Mitt Romney and President Obama were facing off in regular debates.  Romney got plenty of slack from the Obama camp when he named Russia as America’s #1 geopolitical foe.  Now, with the situation in Crimea, a lot of people, especially on the Republican side of the fence, are laughing and pointing at President Obama because it looks an awful lot like maybe old Romney was right.  However, Obama quickly rebuffed them, citing that Russia’s need to invade a country to influence it actually shows it is weak, not strong.  He also referred to Russia as a regional enemy.

Behold your #1 geopolitical enemy. Or at least a few of them.

We could pick apart Obama’s statements if we really wanted to.  Sure, for a regional bully, Russia sure is dominating international headlines.  And for a regional bully, there sure seems to one heck of an international coalition of nations siding against its actions.  And we could even note that not only has Russia basically sat back unimpressed by anything President Obama and the United States has thrown its way (including what were supposedly damning sanctions), but this is actually a recurring trend.  One need only look back to Iran and Syria for more examples of rogue nations ignoring the warnings of Obama and going right ahead with whatever it is they want to do.  However, Common Sense Conspiracy has the President’s back on this one.  He’s absolutely right.  Russia is not our #1 foe, not our #1 problem.

America’s #1 geopolitical foe is itself.  The illusion of a two-party system, illusion of choice, and collusion between those imagined two parties to destroy freedom and liberty in the nation piecemeal is by far our numero uno geopolitical foe.

Russia is not our #1 problem, either.  Obama said he’s much more concerned about terrorists finding a way to detonate a nuclear bomb in Manhattan than he is about Russia on the move.  Well, that would be bad, but the #1 problem facing America is a government that insists on growing while admitting at every turn that it does not have enough funding to sustain itself.  We’ve wrote about this before here on this site.  It comes down to a simple concept.  Either these politicians are the dumbest assholes on the face of the Earth, or they know exactly what they are doing.

Whichever one it is, President Obama is certainly right on this one.  Russia is no threat to the United States, because it will decimate itself long before they muster up the courage to come over here.  When Americans realize that they are the unwitting participants to the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time, that’s when perhaps America can turn its eyes beyond its borders to find out where its problems lie.

It is worth noting that Mitt Romney was wrong as well.