Malaysia Airlines MH370 — The Missing Aircraft’s Flight Radar Path

The story of flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines is quickly growing more mysterious.  What turned out as a tragic but somewhat matter-of-fact event gathered steam, and now conspiracy theorists everywhere on the Internet are analyzing just what happened to the 239 people on board this fateful flight for Beijing.

The first thing that has raised suspicions is just the way it was handled from the beginning.  Rarely do we see flight organizations say they cannot find an aircraft.  Usually you have an announcement that the plane has gone down.  In this case, they chose to list it as lost contact and missing.  While the net result may certainly be the same, the terminology does raise some eyebrows.  Furthermore, all they have found so far are jet slicks that seem to be consistent with the last known communication with MH370. No wreckage, no confirmation, and no reason have been discovered at this time.

If that wasn’t enough, the situation became even more convoluted when two passengers on the flight manifest turned out to be safe and sound in their homes.  It turns out that two passengers had stolen passports and boarded the flight illegally.  Could this be an indication that this was some sort of terrorist act?  The stolen passports has certainly upped the ante on this one and made it an even bigger mess.

The video below shows the flight radar before, up to, and after MH370 fell off the face of the Earth, seemingly.  A lot of people area analyzing this video in great detail, and there are some other questions being raised.  Not only MH370, but some other aircrafts also exhibited strange behavior in that same region.  What do you think?  Terrorism?  Accident?  Supernatural?

The only thing we know for sure is that it appears that there are no survivors.  While we support the quest for answers by the general public, we also remind our readers to remember the loss of life and the tragic experience this has been for the families of these 239 people.  We should never let conspiracy theories and the search for truth overshadow the loss of human life.

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  1. I suppose for a definite answer, china knows the issue for sure as it had announce it draws a red line and will not declare wars within zones & borders of n.korea and precisely just after 6.30 hours of the incident occur (definitely china spotted ICBM launch from NK) and yet on 10 march 2014 it was n.korea party election, so you told me it is coincident? It is a coverup with deliberation with US and asean countries to not disclosing the truth. N Korea is a war lord and they are desperately declaring nuclear wars to clean there poverty. The join rescue venture, china sent 9 vessels and US had sent 2 carrier for the search, what they are searching is not debris of the craft( hard to find because the heat will vaporise the debris) but ICBM (or i suppose it might be nuclear ICMB)….

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