John Kerry Tells Russia You Can’t Invade Another Country on “Trumped Up Pretext” — Um, Wait a Minute!

Secretary of State John Kerry continues to make absurd statements surrounding the situation between Russia and Ukraine.  It seems like every time he opens his mouth here lately (here lately meaning the most of the time he’s been alive) he not only makes a fool out of himself, but does a pretty good job of making a mockery of the United States as a whole.

john-kerry-full-of-s**tThe latest misstep by Mr. Heinz:  he has come out and said that Putin and Russia can’t just invade another country on a “trumped up pretext.”  Funny you should say that Mr. Kerry.  Don’t you realize that everyone in the world is going to point their finger right back at you and America and say “Hold on just a damn minute!”  “Trumped up pretext” is a great way to describe the American rationale for invading Iraq and while a little more debatable, quite possibly Afghanistan as well.  This wasn’t fifty or a hundred years ago.  This was the last decade.  This was while Russia was quietly letting us go on a rampage in the Middle East.  Do you think for one second they are concerned with Kerry’s accusations?  And do you think that Russia believes their reasons are “trumped up?”

Now, every Democrat in America will jump at the chance to say that John Kerry and President Barack Obama would have never led America into two meaningless, valueless wars on “trumped up pretexts.”  Yet, John Kerry himself was part of the vote that took us into Iraq.  Still, it doesn’t matter.  Kerry represents the United States of America now, whether he realizes it or not.  It doesn’t matter who did what or what political motivations were behind it.  What matters is the here and now, and he represents everything the United States is currently and has ever been involved in.  That’s part of his job.  He’s no longer running for President.  He’s no longer an apologist for the United States’ actions, at least not when he’s busy trying to tell other nations how to run their business.  To make a statement like this toward Russia is just plain silly, and you can bet Putin had a good laugh while he made preparations for further military action.

69cb9ce07206619d5816ec932771b191It might have made a lot more sense to appeal to Russia in a different manner.  Insulting their intelligence is not going to help anything.  No one heard what Kerry had to say in America or otherwise and didn’t go “Say what?”

And if all that isn’t enough, Kerry and Barry were just trying to bomb Syria like a couple of months ago.  And who intervened, offering a peaceful alternative…

Oh, yeah.  It was Russia.