Jimmy Carter Thinks the NSA is Spying on Him — Well, Well

The 39th President of the United States Jimmy Carter made national mainstream media headlines Sunday when he said that he believes the NSA is actually spying on him.  He says that when he wants to send a private communication between himself and say a world leader, he does it the old-fashioned way and puts it in an envelope with a stamp.  He is shunning modern technology because he believes if he sends an email it will be monitored by the NSA.

The question here is a rather obvious one.  What the hell is Jimmy Carter saying to foreign leaders that he is worried that the NSA is going to intercept?  Is Jimmy Carter really this big of a player on the international scene?  Are foreign leaders still viewing Carter as a representative of the United States?  Well, in any case, current President Barack Obama isn’t.  Carter candidly explained that President Obama has never came to him for advice on anything.

Well, that may be by far the smartest thing that we’ve ever heard about President Obama doing.

Then again, Jimmy Carter did once say that a swamp rabbit tried to kill him.  This in the middle of doing a pretty decent job of train wrecking the country.