Is Facebook Really Launching a “No Religion” Campaign? Real or Hoax?

The war on Christianity might be raging in the United States and potentially all over the globe, but it’s not on Facebook.  At least, not yet.  This email/Facebook post is going viral on the Internet proclaiming that Facebook is launching something called a “no religion” campaign starting on March 20, 2014.  The idea is that no religious propaganda will be allowed on Facebook at all, and according to the doomsday predictions of this post, Facebook is investing a pretty penny in its legal department to make sure the no religion Facebook becomes a reality.  The message in most forms is then attributed to famous Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Problem #1 — It’s just silly.  Facebook would not send this information out in this format.  For starters, Facebook has no vested interest in stomping out religious messages on its bandwidth.  Facebook makes money by putting targeted advertisements in front of millions of faces.  Ever seen those ads from Christian or the like.  Christians may be targeted for extinction by  the government and people everywhere, but it is still a huge demographic in America.  Facebook would not even dream of cutting its own throat by doing something like this.

Problem #2 — Zukerburg?  Really?  Yes, the message that is getting so many people excited on the Internet didn’t even get the founder of Facebook’s name right.  It is extremely doubtful that any official messages from Facebook will make the viral rounds to millions with Zuckerberg’s name spelt wrong in plain sight.

Problem #3 — The slippery slope.  If Facebook really did try something like this, where would it lead next?  Christians would protest, as they are already doing, despite not realizing they are “liking” a total hoax message and only helping spread it around to get someone more notoriety on Facebook.  From there, what’s next?  Would Facebook then ban political conversation?  Or just one side?  Democrats out?  Republicans?  If you eliminate religious messages, then you are obviously siding with atheists, but wouldn’t it be just as wrong to allow their own brand of proselytizing to go unpunished?

Facebook pages work under the simple premise of the more likes you have, the more Facebook “juice” you have.  The funny thing is these pages can be changed at will.  So, someone could say start a Facebook page with this message, incite thousands of Christians to speak out against it with their like’s and comments, and then simply change the name or sell it to a new business.

Voila!  Instant 100,000 likes for a new start-up.

So, if you like to pass your religious propaganda around on social media, don’t worry.  You are still free to clog your feeds with Jesus memes to your heart’s content.  Just remember when you press that “Like” button, you never know what you might really be aligning yourself with.