Intelligence Suggests Russia May Invade the Rest of Ukraine — What is the Mainstream Media Trying to Do?

It was a major news story today throughout mainstream outlets that intelligence agencies in the United States government have released word that they now believe there are several reasons to believe that Russia is planning to complete its takeover of Ukraine soon.  This comes after widespread condemnation by world leaders of Putin’s successful seizure of Crimea.  Russia and Putin have insisted that they have no intentions of invading the rest of Ukraine, and they also insist that they only did what they did to protect their national security.

Oh there’s that fun phrase we hear for atrocities committed in America all of the time:  national security.

While we are not advocating that the world should doubt this news because Putin gave his word, Common Sense Conspiracy does want to ask a few questions.  First of all, if Putin is so defiant and unconcerned with the warnings of President Barack Obama and other world powers, then why would he not just come right out and say what he means to do?  Of course, this might come down to military tactics.  If he announced an invasion of Ukraine, it would give the people there time to prepare and nations all over the world time to decide if they want to defend it.  So, no, it wouldn’t make much sense, so score one for the intelligence reports there.  However, why is the media coming out with this now?  Isn’t it just as bad of a tactics move to let on to Putin that we know that they know that we know that they know they are probably going to finish the job sooner rather than later?

russia-ukraineThat’s the real point of this article.  What is the mainstream media and U.S. intelligence agencies really preparing us for?  There are enough people concerned about Russia already, but now it seems like the fear factor is going up by the day.

Could the United States be thinking of staging a false flag operation to initiate a full-blown war with Russia?

Conspiracy theorists everywhere see this as a real possibility, but only there is little evidence as to why.  War between the United States and Russia has long been regard as mutually-assured destruction (MAD), and in fact, that is exactly why many experts believe that it hasn’t happened already.  Even going back to big moments in history like the Cuban Missile Crisis, the bottom line has always been that neither Russia nor the United States is very enthusiastic about throwing the first punch, because that punch almost inevitably means the destruction of all parties involved.  However, on the world stage, seeing the mutual destruction of two world superpowers could easily be viewed as a positive and even the ushering in of a new age.  So, could there be someone behind the scenes pulling the strings, working hard to send the United States and Russia on a collision course for full-on nuclear war?

The only thing we can say for certain is that the mainstream media is working overtime to make sure every American knows that Russia has a top-secret plan to take over Ukraine.  And when the mainstream media seems like they are forcing something down your throat 24/7 through the news  cycle, there’s usually a preordained reason for it.  We expect that this will be no exception.