Hobby Lobby Ruling a Lightning Rod — Why Do Gay People Care About Contraception?

A lot of gay people are starting to jump on the bandwagon surrounding the Hobby Lobby case that is going to the Supreme Court for opening arguments on March 25.  To those on the outside looking in, that can be confusing.  The Hobby Lobby case revolves around the CEO of the corporation not wanting to cooperate with the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) because he has a problem with contraception being a part of insurance provisions.  He’s not alone.  Many Americans have a problem with the idea that we all should pay more in insurance premiums so that people can get a break on contraception devices and medications so they can have sex at will without worries.  But the Hobby Lobby case is unique because what the Supreme Court decides will not only affect the CEO but his 14,000 employees, many of which presumably might actually like for their contraception to be provided for by their insurance companies.

hobby-lobby-photoBut wait a minute?  Why are gay people interested?  After all, homosexual activity is not, barring a modern day miracle, going to result in the creation of another life.  That’s one of the advantages of gay sex… you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.  So, why are gay people interested in the Hobby Lobby judgment?

Just a few weeks ago, in Arizona, there was a law that was actually passed by the legislature that gave business owners sweeping rights to refuse to serve customers based on religious principles.  The law did pass the legislature there, but the governor ultimately vetoed it.  Dubbed the anti-gay bill, the whole debacle revolved around Christian restaurant owners not wanting to serve an openly gay couple.  With that law just a stroke of the pen from being reality, gay people now see the Hobby Lobby case as a direct assault on them, despite the obvious problems with the logic.  Basically, if the Supreme Court upholds Hobby Lobby’s religious liberties, then people in the gay and lesbian community feel that this will only open the floodgates for more cases just like this, and inevitably, gays will be the target.

The bottom line from Common Sense Conspiracy is pretty simple.  Hobby Lobby is a company.  Not a person, a company.  Hobby Lobby cannot worship God, whatever religion you want to name.  The CEO of Hobby Lobby is what this trial is really all about.  As many reasons as we can all come up with why Obamacare’s contraception provision is an abomination, it is currently the law in the United States of America.  Since Hobby Lobby operates in the United States of America, they are bound by that law.  The Supreme Court should not make an exception for Hobby Lobby or anyone else.

And while they are at it, let’s level the playing field, shall we?  All churches should be subject to the same taxes and liabilities of any business or corporation.  End exemptions.  Period.  There’s no reason for them.  Is this an assault on religion?  Absolutely not.  Common Sense Conspiracy fully believes in the right to religious freedom.  But if the law says we have to pay taxes, then churches should pay taxes too.  How long before atheists band together in groups just so they can claim a tax break?  Oh, wait.  That’s already happened.

The caveat to all of this is that those that wish for true equality must realize all of the repercussions that come with the act.  If a gay man operates a restaurant and a high-ranking member of the Westboro Baptist Church wants to sit down for a fine meal, guess what?  He has to serve him.  He cannot kick him out, because that’s discrimination in the first degree.

If an African American runs a restaurant and the head of the Ku Klux Klan walks in and wants a warm meal, guess what?  He has to serve him.  He can’t kick him out based on any of his beliefs or what he thinks about them as a person.

Fair is fair.  So, gay people everywhere have a right to be concerned about a case that would seemingly not affect them.  It could affect them.  But it could also affect everyone else, too, and the whole concept of discrimination revolves around refusing to recognize the needs of the many for the needs of the few.

On a completely different subject, imagine this scenario:

A 24-year-old well-to-do white male is getting dressed to go out for a night on the town.  He is single, never been married.  No children.  He’s got a pretty good job, makes a good living.  Has a nice place to live.  Pretty car.  Nice clothes.  Never worried about where the next meal is coming from or keeping the power on.  He puts some gel in his hair, gets ready.  Shaves.  Splashes on some expensive cologne.  He’s ready to try to get some.  There’s going to be plenty of ladies out there.  He’s ready.

But he isn’t trying to get some b**tch pregnant?  Oh hell no.  So he needs contraception.

He grabs some Trojan condoms and sticks them in his pocket.  Just in case he gets lucky.  Just in case it’s his night.

After all, it didn’t cost anything.  They were covered by his health insurance.

Oh, the crowd turns ugly.


One thought on “Hobby Lobby Ruling a Lightning Rod — Why Do Gay People Care About Contraception?”

  1. I think you had better look into the legal aspects of private company ownership. Just as it is a private company it’s owner is ultimately responsible and not a corporation. The owner Mr. Green will pay for fines, court cost etc. not it’s investors. As well it is Mr. Green that pays for the cost of fighting this in court not his investors. It is after all Mr. Green’s company. If fact being a private company makes Mr. Green much more liable in our system.

    He doesn’t hide behind the blog of hidden ownership, with an about page listed as a sample page. He is proud of beliefs, stands up for them and doesn’t hide behind words of disinformation. Anytime any gender, race, creed or color that wants to open a business and ban the likes of Mr. Green and his religion I am sure he would be happy to go somewhere else, without the Supreme Court fight. I would just as I avoid areas in cities where there are high crime rates.

    The only reason there are any gay or lesbian rights at all is because it is America. I see no protesting at embassy’s in the US. over gay rights in other countries such as any of those that claim Muslim ethnicity. There they openly stone them, let alone refuse to pay of their contraception.

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