Flight MH370 and the Bermuda Triangle — Why the Public Should Be Asking a Different Question?

There is a lot of attention being given to the old legends of the Bermuda Triangle due to the tragic and mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 seemingly without a trace.  As we close in on a week later, still, authorities have found no real clues as to exactly what happened to the flight.  It is presumed that it crashed, although those in conspiracy circles continue to suggest otherwise.  In any case, Common Sense Conspiracy is taking a moment to analyze this with respect to the Bermuda Triangle and to bring another question to the forefront that we think is being overlooked in all of this.

As you can see by this handy diagram, Malaysia is nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle, unless of course you "dig a hole to China."
As you can see by this handy diagram, Malaysia is nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle, unless of course you “dig a hole to China.”

The Bermuda Triangle is a legendary story of ships and planes disappearing in a particular area of the ocean.  The legend grew over fifty years ago when what at least seemed to be a large number of vessels disappeared in the waters referred to as the Devil’s Triangle (one of the corners is Bermuda).  Now, ask any skeptic and they will tell you that there is nothing special about the Bermuda Triangle and that, in fact, there are other areas of the ocean on planet Earth that actually have more unexplained disappearances than this area.  The debates rage on and on, but the mystique behind the triangle has survived for decades and continues to be at the top of any nostalgic look at unexplained phenomena or unsolved mysteries.

Well, a good starting point is to point out that MH370 was nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle.  At least it wasn’t supposed to be.  There were weird reports showing up in the mainstream media and otherwise that indicated the flight may have flew as many as four or five hours after dropping off radar.  Some that really want to tie this to the Bermuda Triangle legend are trying to say that this was enough time for a confused and disoriented pilot to end up in the triangle.  While that’s an entertaining fairy tale, it really doesn’t make any difference.  The Bermuda Triangle is not responsible for this flight doing whatever it did.  What is responsible we may never know at the rate we are going.  Which brings us to the real question that everyone should be asking in the aftermath of this still unfolding tragedy…

Why the hell can they not find this plane?

Okay, so here go the excuses.  The ocean is really big, and relative to it, the plane is really small.  Okay then.  If the jet hits the ocean surface just right, it could submerge completely before any debris came off.  Okay then.  The flight may have flown for a while after it went off radar, making it hard for them to tell just what radius they need to be searching in.  Okay then.

Still, it doesn’t make sense that they are no closer to finding anything this far out.  Not a trace.  The oil slicks were not related.  The debris sighting was a false alarm.  Flight MH370 is still completely, totally, just gone.

Just the other day the mainstream media outlets were showing a terrific video from a private company that has now made the first HD satellite recordings of Earth.  The video illustrated how this unbelievable technology would help in day-to-day life.  From space, they were zooming in and analyzing traffic.  You could see individual cars, individual people all in high definition video.

But they can’t find the plane.

President Obama can authorize a drone to fly right to where you are sitting right now and demolish you and everything around you.

But they can’t find the plane.

The NSA can listen in to you while you’re taking a s**t in your bathroom.  They can monitor your emails, and they know where you are pretty much all of the time if they wish to do so.

But they can’t find the plane.

Police and law enforcement agencies routinely track cell phones with ease to find criminals (only when it matters enough to them to do it, of course).  Hmm…239 people on the plane, and not one cell phone?  No one on the global plan?

They can’t find the plane.

Are we trivializing the nature of a very difficult search?  Not at all.  But there are multiple nations using supposedly every technological advantage at their disposal to find a trace of this flight, and still, they are coming up with a big goose egg.

Is that not just a little hard to believe.

One thought on “Flight MH370 and the Bermuda Triangle — Why the Public Should Be Asking a Different Question?”

  1. “Are we trivializing the nature of a very difficult search? Not at all. ”
    Actually, yes, you are. A lot. They’re not looking for a needle in a haystack. They’re looking for a needle in a whole state full of haystacks. The patch of ocean they’re looking in is bigger than the three smallest continents, at least. North and South America may each rival the size of the search area. The search area isn’t big–it’s freaking, mind boggling, unimaginably HUGE! Finding a needle in a hundred haystacks is trivial by comparison.
    Second, it didn’t disappear without a trace. Pieces have washed up on Indian Ocean beaches since the disappearance. Tracing ocean currents back from those locations might help narrow the search area if anybody still wants to spend the money and resources. Don’t hold your breath.
    Third, it’s no real mystery what happened. The pilot decided to take a pre-suicide joy ride. After the plane disappeared from air traffic control radar, it was seen on military radar crossing Indonesia at an altitude in excess of 40,000 feet. Normal air traffic control radar cannot measure an airplane’s altitude. The plane reports its own altitude via the radar transponder. Military radar is more sophisticated, because its targets don’t cooperate.

    At 40,000 feet and above, killing all the passengers is simple. The pilot puts on his oxygen mask (which has several hours of oxygen available) and then depressurizes the plane. Even if everyone gets to the oxygen masks available to them–passengers via the drop-down masks that are in the safety briefing everyone ignores, and crew has walk-around oxygen tanks available. But those supplies are very limited. The pilot simply waits long enough for all those supplies to be depleted, and then can descend and continue on knowing he’s the only one left alive. Simple.

    Why did he do it? Mental illness that no one recognized. Doesn’t really what kind of illness or obsession or whatever. Things like this have only happened a couple of times in a century of flight.

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