Five Minute Video Explains What the Hell is Really Going on in Ukraine

We wanted to share this awesome five-minute video that explains the whole situation in Ukraine, but not the story the American mainstream media wants to shove down your throat.  Conspiracy enthusiasts the world over have been crying foul ever since the Ukraine situation began to unfold.  For those of you that still believe this is about President Barack Obama and the United States trying to defend a defenseless country from being taken over by a foreign power, this video is just what the doctor ordered.  For those of you that were already privy to the truth behind the situation, we recommend using and sharing this video to help spread the word so that more Americans can gain a better understanding about what is really happening in Ukraine and why it is important to each and every one of us.  It also sheds light on why those that think America has no business there are deluded.  You might be able to say we shouldn’t have any business being in Ukraine, but this powder keg didn’t explode overnight.  Thanks to our friends at Truthloader for this exceptional video.