Economic Meltdown and Collapse Predicted for March 4, 2014 — TOMORROW!

Tomorrow’s date has been circulating around in conspiracy forums for months and months.  We are not sure who was the first person to actually isolate March 4, 2014 as the day the stock market and U.S. economy plummet, but tomorrow is the big day.  Hopefully for everyone involved, on March 5 we can file this one away with the comets and asteroids as another key date passed without incident.  However, looking at the climate worldwide economically, the prediction suddenly doesn’t seem to unlikely.

A lot of people don’t realize how important Ukraine is to the international economy.  A major source of oil, agriculture, and goods, including being a major player in fields like aerospace and engineering, there is a lot more at stake in Ukraine than the average person might think.  Russia’s moves are likely to scare investors as some see this as America and the world teetering on World War III.  In any case, it could have severe effects on the stock market.  A collapse of epic proportions as predicted in this video, one of many just like it?

Guess we’ll know in a few short hours.

One thought on “Economic Meltdown and Collapse Predicted for March 4, 2014 — TOMORROW!”

  1. Well glad this prediction didn’t turn out to be correct. I was pretty depressed yesterday thinking my wife would be stranded in Europe an ocean away from me because of World War III.

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