Don Lemon of CNN Asks the Hard Questions: Could a Black Hole Have “Sucked” Flight MH370?

Well, you have to at least admire the fact that CNN is willing to at least publicly acknowledge some alternate theories about the disappearance of Malaysia’s Flight MH370.  Anchor Don Lemon responded to Tweets from viewers by putting some of the more outlandish theories to the panel.  The first one:  could a black hole have sucked in Flight MH370?  And what about the Bermuda Triangle?

The board was quick to put these theories down like a rabid dog, but we want to point out something that got lost in the mix.  These theories like the Bermuda Triangle and black holes are referred to as “wild and preposterous conspiracy theories.”  While whether the title of “wild and preposterous” is appropriate or not may be up for debate, but our problem is the term “conspiracy.”

A conspiracy is a willful plot by two or more people to conceal, influence, or initiate something.  Whether you are talking about the JFK assassination, the moon landing, UFOs, or terrorist attacks, the “conspiracy theory” revolves around what we are being told about what is happening and the differences between that and what really occurred.

For example, believing the moon landing is a hoax is a conspiracy theory because you believe that the government and NASA willfully created a plot to make us believe something that wasn’t true.  Believing that aliens visit the Earth regularly and that is what UFOs are is not a conspiracy theory.  Believing that the government knows about it and purposefully conceals it from the public is a conspiracy theory.

The point here is that the term “conspiracy theory” has been demonized by the mainstream media to become a blanket term for “wild and preposterous.”  And yet if you look at real, true conspiracy theories, they often are not wild and preposterous at all.  In a time when the government has been found to be spying on our every move admittedly, why on Earth would anyone still refuse to believe that they might perpetuate a mistruth or conceal a real one?

Grouping the concept that a black hole sucked up Flight MH370 with authentic conspiracy theories actually does a disservice to people everywhere that just seek to know the truth.  No, it is not very likely that a black hole did anything to Flight MH370, for the simple reason that if it did it would have therefore had to cause way more things to happen than just that.  That fact alone makes the black hole theory a little on the silly side.  But to believe that perhaps someone out there knows what happened to Flight MH370 and just doesn’t want to panic the public by insinuating that someone out there has a Boeing in their inventory waiting for the right moment to use it?  That’s not wild and preposterous.

It’s a conspiracy theory.  There’s a difference.

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  1. This was freaking hilarious. Poor Don Lemon just looked like a complete idiot. CNN is probably embarrassed by his ignorance of science. Thankfully, Mary Schiavo set him straight- and in a polite way as well!

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