Brittany Murphy Death Exposed as Illuminati Sacrifice — Compelling Facts Released in Video

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article has existed for quite a while, and the video link was here for over a year.  With the news that Brittany’s father has evidence that her and her husband were poisoned and his theories that the government has something to do with it coming back in the news, we know a lot of you are interested in this.  The video that has been around for so long was mysteriously deleted this morning.  The link below is a new link that we hope will be online, but in light of what has happened, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t stay up for long.  It certainly is strange that all of a sudden these videos that have been around prolifically are getting harder and harder to locate.


Brittany Murphy’s death a few years ago was as tragic as it was mysterious. This video goes into great detail about the circumstances surrounding her death and the way the Illuminati orchestrated her rise and fall. Included is information on how her death was foretold in her movies and in the music of Eminem.
We didn’t create this video at Common Sense Conspiracy, but we think it is worth sharing, so please check this out and let us know what you think.

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