Bitcoin CEO Found Dead in Singapore — Suicide or Assassination?

28-year-old Autumn Ratke is the CEO of Bitcoin, the alternative currency that has taken the world by storm and made more than one world banker nervous.  Now, the girl who could have had anything she wanted is dead.  Discovered in her apartment in Singapore on February 28, Ratke is being declared a victim of suicide by authorities, although they say that they are waiting for toxicology reports to return before they make an official determination.

Why would this young woman commit suicide?  Can you give one good reason?  And is it not at least somewhat likely that there’s more to the story than we’re being told?  Illuminati sacrifice?  Or just plain old business, with people wanting to send Bitcoin a resounding message?  What do you think?

One thought on “Bitcoin CEO Found Dead in Singapore — Suicide or Assassination?”

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if people reporting on bitcoin news would actually know what bitcoin was to begin with?
    This girl was no CEO of BITCOIN, as Bitcoin HAS NO CEO also known as DECENTRALIZED.
    She was the CEO of a COMPANY who did things WITH BITCOIN, learn how to inform yourself before spreading FUD.

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