Venezuelan Beauty Queen Killed in Protests — Intentional or Random?

Genesis Carmona was just 22 years old.  She was Miss Turismo, the beauty queen of her province.  Now, she’s dead after being shot in the escalating violence in Venezuela.  This comes even as protests in Ukraine are getting bloodier and bloodier.  It seems that the political and social unrest in the world right now can’t even be confined to continents.

The official word is that Carmona was shot randomly.  Basically, somebody just opened fire into a crowd of people and she’s the one that got hit.  However, there are plenty in conspiracy circles that will think otherwise.  It could be that selecting a high profile victim is someone’s way of hoping for more publicity for the cause.  After all, this news story is top of the cycle right now.  Yesterday, did you even know there was a problem in Venezuela?