Ukraine Crisis — Echoes of Syria or World War?

The violence in Ukraine continues to escalate, and now President Barack Obama is pressuring the government not to resort to even more violence in its attempts at restoration of order.  If you think this sounds a lot like what happened in Syria, it’s because it is.  There is an increasing turmoil on that side of the world with ordinary people rebelling against governments they perceive as stifling and tyrannical.  And it is probably not a coincidence that it seems to be contagious.  When one nation sees another nation in the midst of a revolution, it often inspires the people in the other nation to take action.  It is entirely possible that this is what we are seeing happening in Ukraine.

There are plenty of people in the conspiracy world that believe that the United States is involved in this.  It seems fairly apparent that the United States, and therefore President Obama, are not at all displeased with the progress of the rebellion.  There are accusations flying around that the U.S. has helped arm the protesters, just as we heard during the Syrian conflict.  Is it true?  There is no way for any of us to know for sure, but you can bet your last dollar that the U.S. is quite aware of the situation and was involved in some form or fashion.

mukraineWhile obviously terrible for the people of Ukraine, the main risk here is the powder keg effect.  There have been several conflicts recently in world news that had the potential for escalating into full-blown wars.  Fortunately, that has not happened, but each of them has done a part to destabilize things.  Now, with the United States still at odds with major world powers over Syria and a constant back-and-forth bickering with Iran over its nuclear arms program, the Ukraine situation could just be one more straw on the camel’s back.

We’ve looked at situations like this before and we always try to remind our readers just how easy the whole world can find itself submerged in warfare basically overnight.  You may think that Ukraine doesn’t matter to you in small town U.S.A., but you need only look back at the two World Wars or several other major conflicts over the previous century to see just how quickly countries you can’t even put your finger on a map of the world can become household names.  In some ways, Ukraine’s involvement in World War I is still considered the catalyst for violence all over the Middle East.  Let’s hope that the current impending civil war doesn’t find a way to suck in nations from all over the globe into what would undoubtedly be the worst conflict of all time.

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  1. Doesn’t seem odd that just as full blown violence erupts in the Ukraine, the winter olympics are being held in Russia and American news media is providing wall to wall coverage of it.

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