Prison for “Prayer Death” Parents — Christianity’s Version of Extremist Terrorism

The Pennsylvania couple now sentenced to prison after the death of their second child, dubbed the second “prayer death,” is fascinating mainstream America.  For our part at Common Sense Conspiracy, we want to look at this from a couple of different angles.  In case you haven’t heard, these parents refuse to seek medical attention for their children because they believe in “faith healing” and that all healing comes through prayer and believing in God and Jesus Christ.

Well, on the bright side, the medical questions during prison intake should go quick and easy.
Well, on the bright side, the medical questions during prison intake should go quick and easy.

Now, this article isn’t aiming to take a sledgehammer to Christians or what they believe.  That’s not the point of our article.  What we are looking at is common sense here.  The second child had pneumonia, a disease that claims the lives of many, many people who are in the care of hospital services.  So you can imagine how little of a chance this little one had against it flying solo.  First things first, it’s just stupid.  Christians believe in God and Jesus, and there’s nothing at all wrong with that, but they still eat food to nourish their bodies, right?  Why would medicine be any different?  Medicine was going on in a much more primitive form during Jesus’ day and before, so why on Earth would anyone think that it was supposed to be banished by the New Testament?  Do these people believe in rabies shots for their pets or is that against the rules too?  Perhaps the real question is how these people managed to make it into adulthood with such dumb ideas.  Oh wait…I bet their parents didn’t subscribe to their faulty logic.

Secondly, even in the context of religion, it still doesn’t make sense.  Have you ever heard the story about the guy on the roof because his house flooded?  A boat went by, but he said he was fine because he had faith God would get him out of there.  Then a helicopter came by, and he said the same.  Finally, he cried out to God wanting to know why he was forsaken?  God replied that he had already sent a boat and a helicopter, what more did he want?  Even if you are religious, does that mean that the achievements of modern medicine are off limits to you for some reason.  Could it not be viewed that all of these advancements are just as much gifts from God as natural healing or nourishment for the body?

We all know about Islam’s version of extremist terrorists.  Well, maybe this is Christianity’s version.  Instead of strapping bombs to their chests, they let their children fester and die from disease because of their faith.  Maybe instead of hijacking planes, they simply watch a child die rather than get a blood transfusion.  Is this Christianity’s take on extremist terrorism?

What do you think?  And do they deserve prison time for acting in accordance with what they believe, even if it is loony tunes?