President Obama’s “myRA” Program Poised to Set Up Government Seizure of Retirement Funds

President Obama stirred a hornet’s nest when he brought up his new myRA program during his recent State of the Union Address.  The program is basically another Obamacare like program that will help bring 401k-like programs to all workers, even if their company doesn’t offer one.  According to Obama, myRA accounts will help avoid pitfalls and help workers get started in a program that will work for them in the long run.  He even cited the doubling of the stock market and how that doesn’t mean much if you don’t have a 401k.

Shortcut-to-Early-Retirement-1024x732Sounds great on paper, right?  Well, you need not look any further than Obama’s own words to see something a little frightening about this new movement.  President Obama compared myRA to a savings bond.  Well, in case you don’t know what a savings bond is, it is loaning your money to the government for a period of time based on the idea that they will most surely pay you back.  But in this day and age, is that a good investment?  With the dollar rapidly diminishing in value and the government already having defaulted on its own debts once, is there any credible reason to think that the government is still a reliable place to put your money to help it grow?

Many in conspiracy circles believe this is a move by the government to try to federalize retirement funds further.  It has long been speculated that the government will one day use a major financial crisis as an excuse to take retirement funds and apply them to “the good of all.”  And if you think this is a new idea, don’t.  It’s already happening in Europe.  The idea is that the big bad wolf of the government uses your retirement funds to get the economy back in shape, making it better for everyone in the long run.  But once they have that ability to drain your funds, do you really trust them to put it back?  Are we not just wading in murky waters here?  Is this not just another attempt to capture our money in the government’s ever-widening net?

So what do you think?  Are you ready for an myRA?  Do you want the government involved in your retirement too?  Once they have you on their healthcare plan, their retirement plan, their food stamps, their unemployment, their…well, you get the idea.  It’s just another example of the ongoing attempt to bring all of these things under the same umbrella, probably to advance a centralizing global agenda that is already in motion.