Pharaoh Face in Curiosity Photograph Sparks Curiosity — The New “Jesus Toast”

It’s pretty amazing that we routinely get to examine photographs beamed to us from the planet Mars.  That in and of itself is a wonderful achievement.  However, part of the game is that people will always be thinking they have somehow scooped everyone and spotted something that is a damning revelation that there was or is indeed life on the Red Planet.  The latest in a long line of these is the so-called “Pharaoh face.”  Here is the photograph in question so you can check it out before we go any further:

nc52ecdd34The photo is causing plenty of speculation.  Is it kind of strange?  Sure.  Is it evidence that a past civilization left behind pharoah-like statues to honor their kings or queens?  Well, that’s a bit of a jump.

While everyone is kind of rooting for or against one of these Martian missions turning up real proof of life on another planet because of all of the awesome ramifications that would have for our own world, we have to say that if this was authentic, do you think NASA would be just releasing it for anyone in the world to look at?

Looking at Martian photos has become the new “Jesus Toast.”  The new “Elvis Presley sweat stain.”  Humans have looked at the clouds in the skies and saw images for as long as we have been walking this Earth.  Is there anything wrong with it?  No, not at all.  But don’t let the supposed pharaoh face make you miss the forest for the trees, so to speak.  These photos are a lot more amazing if you look beyond the curious rock formation and take it all in for what it really is… striking photos of the landscape of another planet sent to us in a reasonably short time from when it was occurring live.