Obama Warns Russia — Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

President Obama executed an address on the situation in Ukraine in what even the mainstream media labelled as a “hastily thrown together” message.  It started out with the usual ho-hum about this, but it took a startling turn when Obama sternly called out Russia, warning that if there is any action in Ukraine on behalf of Moscow, there will be “costs.”

Obama’s warnings were brought on by increasing reports that Russia is already in the thick of things.  Reports today revealed that Russian troops had taken over multiple airports in Ukraine and there is little reason to think that more intervention is not coming.  However, President Obama’s warnings come at a strange time.  After all, just a couple of days, there was a very public explanation of how we should reduce the size of our military.  Of course, we also have ongoing situations with Iran and Syria to worry about.  Now, we are picking a fight with Russia.  But do we have the right?

For the United States, President Obama makes it sound very noble.  We just want to see Ukraine stabilize.  Russian interference would seriously destabilize it further.  We don’t want that.  But if  you want to understand why President Obama and the United States government is so concerned with Russia entering Ukraine, you need only ask yourself why Russia is involved in the first place.  Like most things on the world stage, Russia sees Ukraine as a lot more than a country to influence politically.  They see it economically.  Oil…food…goods… Russia has many reasons to want to make sure things go the way it wants it to in Ukraine, and you can bet your you-know-what that those same reasons are behind President Obama’s sudden interest.

"This is what I meant when I told you I would have more leeway after the election."
“This is what I meant when I told you I would have more leeway after the election.”

Is it wise to threaten Russia?  Are we barking up the wrong tree?  Are we forgetting that some of our other classic enemies would be more than happy to join with a big dog like Russia against us?  Remember Iran?  Syria?  North Korea?  There’s no telling how many nations in the Middle East might jump on that bandwagon if Russia was in an open conflict with the United States.  Really, people, the road to World War III is paved with silly threats like the ones President Obama gave today.

If you remember rightly, a majority of Americans looked to Obama to end our meddling in foreign affairs.  Here we are telling Russia they have no right to interfere with the situation in Ukraine while we are accused of arming the rebels.  We are telling them to stop while we took over two nations, Iraq and Afghanistan.  We are telling them to stop while we are still playing our marionette in Syria, Egypt, and who knows where else.

What do you think?  Does America have the right to warn off Russia?  Or are we demonstrating our hypocrisy?

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  1. It is truly hypocritical. We ousted Allende who was the democratically elected president of Chile. And then there was Guatemala and Iran. Then there was Panama and Noriega. Then we kidnapped the president of Haiti, Aristide and sent him to Africa.

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