Mount Sinabung Erupts in Indonesia — Haunting Reminder That Anything Can Happen

Mount Sinabung, a volcano in Indonesia, exploded in an awe-inspiring eruption today that doused hundreds of miles in ash and has killed 15 people so far.  There is no reason to think that the death toll will not rise.

For most of the readers of Common Sense Conspiracy, this seems a world away and hardly fitting news for our site.  Well, we beg to differ.  While this may not be specifically conspiracy-related, it is important to see what happened here and remember a couple of things.

First, we just don’t know what is going to happen from one moment to the next.  For all of our technology, earthquakes and volcanoes remain the biggest mysteries on our planet.  We know the mechanics of how and why these things happen, but when it comes to when, we are lucky to nail it down to a nifty 50-100 year window.  It’s an unfortunate fact that the more these things happen, the more we will learn about them, but also, of course, that means more destruction and more loss of human life.

The eruption at Mount Sinabung would be considered minor compared to a couple of possible volcanoes here in the United States.  The most famous one is Mount Saint Helens, mainly because we’ve all seen pictures or heard the stories about its epic eruptions in the past.  While scientists believe this one is still dormant for the time being, there’s really nothing saying for sure that it couldn’t happen tomorrow.  However, America’s biggest threat is one that the average American walking the street doesn’t even know exists.  The famous geyser at Yellowstone National Park is the “big one,” the long dormant beast that is capable of an eruption that could literally douse most of the United States’ mainland in ash and disrupt basically everything for months.  It’s happened before, and it is a scientific certainty that it will happen again.  But when?  No one knows the answer to that question.

So, as we watch the aftermath of the situation in Indonesia, we hope that it is an isolated incident and that the death toll does not rise any higher.  We also must remember that we are not immune to such situations ourselves.  These things tend to be “out of sight, out of mind.”  How many people talked about tsunamis before the two massive ones that decimated this same area and Japan in recent years?  It’s not an Asian thing.  It’s not something that just happens “over there.”  Make no mistake.  The West Coast of the United States is just as susceptible to a tsunami as Japan or the Phillipines.  Just because it hasn’t happened yet is no prediction of future results.