Maryland Wants to Shut Down the NSA — Silly Little Sheep

Well, a major news story in the mainstream media was the state of Maryland attempting to defund the national headquarters of the NSA, an organization that has come under more and more fire ever since the Snowden allegations that lead to the very public outing of what was once a very secret organization.  Common Sense Conspiracy is sharing this story with you because we want to analyze it from two different levels.

First, it’s somewhat commendable what Maryland legislators are saying here.  They are using politics to make the statement that they don’t approve of the NSA’s tactics, and they are trying to express that disapproval by hitting them where it hurts the most:  in the pocketbook.  It’s noble and it’s kinda cool, but don’t be fooled.  The NSA isn’t going anywhere, and if you think legislators in Maryland can really do anything about it, then you might have been smoking too much of your medical marijuana again.

The NSA might have its headquarters reside in Maryland, but this agency has already proven to be almost autonomous in its operation.  Remember, the laws of the United States and the Constitution had no hold over the NSA.  Even the President of the United States has proven to have little or no sway on what the NSA says or does.  Put simply, the NSA has become that “shadow government” entity that we always glamorized in conspiracy circles.  The ones behind the scenes that really call the shots.  And up until Snowden, no one, not one person, had dared or felt the need to expose what was going on behind the concrete walls of the NSA.

So, the point is, while the actions of the Maryland Legislature might be poignant, poetic, brace, even noble, it has no clout whatsoever.  This “threat” to the existence of the NSA is almost as much of a threat as when you find a sugar ant crawling around on your leg.  Squash that bug and get on with whatever you were doing, illicit or otherwise.

You can't just evict these guys!
You can’t just evict these guys!

There are thousands of Americans looking for a job right now, but rest assured that no one employed by the NSA woke up today worrying about being unemployed anytime soon.  There’s just simply too many Americans to spy on, too many conversations to listen to, and too many videos to be reviewed.  The NSA is here to stay, and while President Obama and other politicians may call for “transparency,” anything the NSA chooses to show us is nothing more than a horse and pony show.  Every word that is released to the public is reviewed, redacted, and carefully weighed for the political and manipulative capital that it is.  And even now, the NSA is actually gaining power by the minute.  This will not stop.  It doesn’t matter who wins the White House in 2016.  It doesn’t matter which one of the parties of America’s one-party system wins the House or the Senate.  The NSA is now its own entity.  It’s like Skynet.  It is self-aware.  It looks out for number one.  It was originally designed to protect Americans; now it protects its own sovereignty first.  The words “national security” are now the ultimate trump word.  You can grope little boys in the name of national security.  Murder.  Pillage.  Steal.

Long live the NSA!  And don’t think you or even the politicians you vote for can do anything about it, silly little sheep.