Connecticut’s Assault Rifle Registration Law Meeting Much Opposition — When Is It Okay to Break the Law?

The situation going on in Connecticut (and probably soon to follow in New York as well) is very interesting.  Common Sense Conspiracy has been watching all of the various states that have been trying to push forward with gun control legislation under the umbrella of all of the things that President Obama has been trying for ever since Newtown.  Connecticut’s law simply requires anyone that owns an assault rifle or anything that falls under that category to register it.  The people had until December 31, 2013 to do this.  Several thousand did, but officials still believe that anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 assault rifles are out there unregistered.

First of all, what the hell are the people in Connecticut preparing for?  That’s a lot of assault rifles.  Secondly, the real kicker here is that not registering an assault rifle by the date mentioned above makes you instantly guilty of a Class D felony.  So, that means there are a lot of felons in Connecticut that have not been caught up with yet.

One thing is for sure...if you are thinking about breaking in someone's home in Connecticut, you have a death wish.
One thing is for sure…if you are thinking about breaking in someone’s home in Connecticut, you have a death wish.

The situation was escalated by an “open letter” that is making the rounds on various forms of social media that basically threatens the Connecticut State Police saying that if they try to come take the guns or apprehend the people that have the guns, it is unfortunate, but it will be considered an act of war.  For the record, authorities in Connecticut have not given any indication they plan on doing any such thing.  It is quite possible with the numbers above that they simply don’t have the manpower.  All that’s been said so far by authorities is that they are disappointed that more people did not comply with the law.  There is also some confusion about how much of the unregistered assault rifles is because of people refusing to comply with the law and how many of them are people that simply don’t realize what the new law requires.

So, where do you fall on this issue?  A common argument of those on the anti-gun side (and predominantly disciples of the Democratic party) is that the law is the law, and it was passed through our system of government, so even if they don’t agree with it, they should follow it.  Or pay the price.  This makes a lot of sense at first glance.  If the law made its way on the books through our system of government, then it is law.  The law is the law.  So, to disobey the law is what it is.  These people should register their assault rifles and then if they want to go to the trouble of trying to repeal the law somehow, then so be it.  This is one side of the story.  Now, let’s take that same approach and look at it a little differently.

In that infamous time period, Rosa Parks should have sat in the back of the bus like she was supposed to.  Because the law was the law, and she shouldn’t be trying to make a stand.  Because the law was passed, no matter how completely full of bigotry and racism it was, then she had no right to be opposing it in this fashion.  As a matter of fact, all protesters of all things that wound up getting arrested for their cause are blatantly doing the wrong thing.

Now, do we think threatening to fight off the Connecticut State Police with assault rifles if they come knocking is a great plan of action?  Of course not.  One, it doesn’t even make sense.  Two, it’s not terribly likely to ever happen.  In any case, violence is not the answer, and this silly open letter that is getting everyone fired up serves no purpose except its stated purpose…to launch some sort of “civil war.”  Let’s take solace in the fact that most Connecticut citizens that have an unregistered assault rifle are not hunkering down for an automatic shootout with police.  Most of them are probably just expressing their dissent with the current law through civil disobedience.  Is that illegal?  Sure.  Is it wrong?  Well, that depends on how you look at it.  In the above scenario, we gave you a  point of reference to check your moral compass.  Was Rosa wrong?  Was what she did illegal?  Was Martin Luther King, Jr. wrong?

Are we trying to say that this is like that?  No.  That civil rights struggle shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence with what is going on in Connecticut, but we mentioned it because you have to.  If every anti-gun advocate is going to try to use the above explanation, then you’ve got to take a step back and look at the other side of it.  On the other hand, like we said at the beginning of this article, why hundreds of thousands of Connecticut citizens are stockpiling assault rifles is troubling, to say the least.  We can kind of understand a gun enthusiast wanting one because they collect them or just like shooting them.  But why does the average person in America really need an assault rifle?  A gun, sure.  But an assault rifle?

Isn’t it kind of disturbing that there wasn’t a law in place to make you register your assault rifle from the beginning, not years after you purchased it?

So, what do you think?  When is it okay to break the law?  Are there times when it is even necessary?  Or is there always a better way?

2 thoughts on “Connecticut’s Assault Rifle Registration Law Meeting Much Opposition — When Is It Okay to Break the Law?”

  1. One, no one has an assault rifle, they have a semi auto rifle or handgun or “assault weapon” if it makes you feel better.
    Two, all these so called “assault rifles” are any semi auto damn near they don’t even have to looking or look military style.
    Three, most of them are already registered when they were purchased. Register twice? Sure there may have been private sales so what? Leave it alone.

  2. I am new to the blog arena. Just discovered this site in a search for other blogs that cover common sense as a topic. After reviewing this article and a couple of others, the thing that intrigues me most is, I can’t tell where you’re coming from after I finished reading your posts.

    Not sure this is intentional, but thought I’d share it for what’s it’s worth. Will continue to check out your site as these are critical issues at a very strategic time in our nation’s history.

    Thanks for sharing.

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