8-Year Employee Fired From McDonald’s for Buying First Responders Food

Well, here is another blow to the stellar reputation of McDonald’s of late.  It seems like every week the Golden Arches are having another public relations disaster.  This one is slowly gaining steam and will probably blow up into a viral story over the next few days.  We wanted to get ahead of the curve by getting this story out there as quickly as possible.

Heather Levia worked at the McDonald’s in Olean, New York for eight years until last week when she was canned for a terrible offense.  Donations were asked for from McDonald’s for firefighter first responders in Olean that were actively engaged in fighting fires.  McDonald’s refused to provide donations, so Levia and a co-worker decided to buy the firefighters a meal with money from their own pockets.  Those pockets will be a little lighter now that McDonald’s, notorious for not paying their employees very well to begin with, terminated the long-time employee, citing that her act of generosity showed direct insubordination toward the opinion and orders of her company.  McDonald’s doesn’t feed firefighters…and that’s a fact.  Ms. Levia violated McDonald’s stern rules against generosity and basic human kindness.  Let’s hope that Ms. Levia learned a valuable lesson here going forward and won’t be caught trying to “do the right thing” in the future.

If I owned the McDonald’s in Olean, I would invest in some extra fire extinguishers.  Because if something happens there, the fire department might not be the most helpful bunch.



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