Scientist Illustrates the Deception of the Flu Shot

It is nothing new in conspiracy circles to believe that there is something a little unsettling about the yearly push by the government and even private companies to get us all to get this year’s version of the flu shot.  Many employers are even offering free shots for their employees, and some are moving toward taking disciplinary action if someone can’t be at work due to influenza when they did not get a shot.  Despite all of this pushing around of the American public, the reality is that many people that take the flu shot still get the flu.  Worse, there have been instances where scientists had to bite the bullet and just say that they predicted the wrong strain and the flu shot became basically worthless.

This scientist knows his stuff, and this great video from is a good view if you are even considering the flu shot to be a good idea.  We always like stuff like this, because it is not just someone screaming “the flu shot is bad!” but a person with the right credentials showing us evidence of just why the flu shot may not be everything it’s cracked up to be.