Rare Earthquake Lights Sighted in Mansfield, Ohio — Signs of the “Big One” or Meddling by HAARP?

If you have never heard of earthquake lights, don’t feel bad. While it is an extremely rare phenomenon, it is indeed a real one. Geologists have been able to identify and document instances of earthquake lights historically. There is not a real good scientific explanation for the lights, and most reports were dismissed as either hallucinations, UFO sightings, or just good old-fashioned crazy.

Visions of Mansfield?
Visions of Mansfield?

In Mansfield, Ohio, there has been an outbreak of people witnessing these lights, and it is leading to a very uneasy public that suddenly believes it may be on the brink of a major natural disaster. Now, mind you, geologists have never documented earthquake lights before a major earthquake. They always have pieced it together from the other side of the fence. Therefore, geologists are hesitant to recognize these Mansfield sightings as authentic, because that would basically be going on record as saying that a major earthquake will hit Mansfield, Ohio in the very near future.
The video below is a great explanation of the lights and what they are all about. We also encourage everyone to remember that these lights may give you a chill up your spine, but there are thousands of instances of people reporting seeing things like this all over the world each year where major earthquakes do not occur shortly thereafter. But it is very interesting…and it will be intriguing to see what happens. Hopefully, the residents of Mansfield will be safe and sound and live to see the lights another day.

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  1. Those aren’t earthquake lights. When it gets below zero the water in the atmosphere freezes and polarizes light. Anyone from Alaska can tell you on clear cold nights about -20 and below every single light in town makes a vertical column of light.

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