Police Arrest Man for Possession of Crack Cocaine — Only His Own Surveillance Cameras Show Them Planting It

The police are all championing the cause of good, right?  They don’t frame people.  They fight crime.  They enforce the law.

Well, this story is pretty sickening.  The cops wanted to bust this guy so bad that they resorted to the most terrible tactic of all:  outright planting illegal substances in his shop in clear view.  They literally sat the crack on the counter with a confidential informant and then raided the business, carrying the owner out in handcuffs with a charge that could land him in prison for years.

The only problem was that the owner of the store had surveillance cameras (you know, like most businesses these days), and after getting out of the can on bail, was able to pinpoint exactly when the illegal substances were planted and by whom.  The result:  He was set free.

That’s it.  No disciplinary actions.  No apologies.  No settlements.  No promises to stop planting evidence to get arrests on whoever they want to.

Now, it’s going to court, but once again, why do cops have to waste so much time and taxpayer dollars trying to nail someone who apparently either was completely innocent or so careful that they just couldn’t get anything on him?

How many people can go to jail over the same bag of crack?

It’s complicated, but this is America, where the police are beginning more and more to operate under their own laws, not the laws set forth by the government for the American people.

One last observation:  the police had to be surprised by this one.  After all, they never heard of such things as surveillance cameras, right?