Omaha Police Put Child in Protective Services After Swearing Faceoff with Adults — Thug Cycle?

Well, this young African American child knows what’s up.  Be it terms like ho, b**tch, f**k you, or sticking that middle finger up, this fine future business leader of America knows them all, and the adults love to bring out those adorable moments for a family video like is seen below.

Here’s the thing.  Nothing about this video is criminal.  Police in Nebraska have confirmed this.  As bad as  practically everyone in America wanted this to be a crime, it wasn’t.  Raising future thugs is still 100% legit in the U.S. of A.  Yet, the child was taken into protective custody (along with others) in Omaha nonetheless.

Is that s**t right, yo?  You gone’s just take a homey’s kid like that just cause they said a few words you thought wuz bad?

I mean, a kid’s gotta learn gang signs at some point, right?  Why not when you are 2?

So, CSC readers, right or wrong?  No criminal charges, no crime.  So, should it be possible to have your child taken because you put on a thug show for your friends?

Or is that just another day in tha life?