Man Arrested With $153,000 — Why This is Troubling for Everyone

So today the internet blew up with people looking into a story about a man that was arrested in the Nashville airport trying to make of in a chartered plane with $153,000 in cash. According to the story of police, the money was wrapped in such a manner that is consistent with the drug trade. Police discovered the cash when drug dog detected traces of narcotics on the money.
Are we trying to say this guy is being unfairly persecuted and even legally robbed by police? We aren’t going that far. The guy did have a previous record of cocaine possession for resale. What is troubling is the fact that police now consider simply carrying large sums of cash to be probable cause to suspect that a crime of some sort is our will be committed. The reason authorities were originally alerted was because the man charted a plane with cash.
How long before anyone carrying money in large amounts is subject to police persecution? One last thing: studies have proven that a very high percentage of large bills in America have at least traces of drug residue on them. This had just become another go-to for police to conduct unwarranted searches whenever they please.
Maybe this policy took one bad guy of the street, but how many people with no criminal intentions will be affected as well?

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