Justin Bieber Arrested, Goes to Jail — Drunk Driving or Illuminati Revenge Plot?

Like a fine wine or a good cheeseburger, America just can’t get enough of watching child stars unravel at the seams.  The latest on the Lindsay Lohan 10-step disaster plan is Justin Beiber.  He finally went to jail, thank goodness, because almost no one in America doesn’t think that would at least be a good thing for him to experience.  In any case, Bieber turned it up a notch on Lohan.  His arrest was an exciting wild ride, complete with charges for driving under the influence, resisting and evading arrest, and driving without a valid license to begin with.

Bieber’s legal troubles have been mounting.  We all remember the controversial peeing in a bucket incident.  And then, just last week, authorities raided his mansion looking for eggs or something in what may have been one of the craziest wastes of taxpayer dollars ever on record.  Bieber had dodged the bullet so far with no charges being filed, but tonight that all changed.

Does this really look like an Illuminati target?

So, we have been looking to see what the reaction would be.  For most, it’s about time Bieber met the long arm of the law.  For others, especially those that sympathize with Bieber, this could be a sign of him bucking the system.  There is a long list of celebrities that some believe sold out to the Illuminati and then tried to change course.  It has been suggested on more than one occasion by many famous people that the police and justice system are not outside the realm of control when the Illuminati is concerned, and one of the Illuminati’s favorite ways to bring a wandering sheep back into the fold is to have the police badger them with trumped up charges.

Our take:  Biebs is out of control, and don’t expect this incident to do much about it.  We all know that people like Justin Bieber aren’t going to get too much attention from the legal system (unless of course, the Illuminati theory is right).  After all, Bieber did have his mugshots in a red jumpsuit, a deviation from the normal orange ones we are all too used to seeing in celebrity mugs.  What do you think?  Is Bieber off the rails?  And why do people care?


One thought on “Justin Bieber Arrested, Goes to Jail — Drunk Driving or Illuminati Revenge Plot?”

  1. Bieber is like a person with to much money, not a care in the world, except his emotional needs and the abundance of fame……Kinda like riding your motor cycle with that sense of freedom like no one can touch me, I’m Free, feeling, as life whispers sweet nothings in your ear. “I’m free, free, free to do as I please. Biker mentality or Bankster mentality for sure! and the media frenzy that is like a prison in a world of no privacy when your doing something crazy……like any free thinking persons behavior ( I use free thinking liberally), can be from time to time, without the media delivering a crushing blow to the head! Rhetorically speaking, the means justifies the end and society says his behavior should be reasonable to set a moral message to his fans and other kids his age….well I think nature is the culprit in arms. Especially being close to the drinking age of 21 in most states. The crazy making fundamentals of Americas youth in a society that is so fractionated and divers in morals, is a recipe for outcomes of the hypocrisy of demonizing dialogue, created and handed down as truth. Despite what we might think is right or wrong the fundamentals of national bigotry and the “A Moral” behavior of the controlling elite, foster this fractionation of logic through media exposure. Yet people forget the real issues of our societies dilemma and what’s important. This goes unnoticed because of such distractions of the miniscule behavior of celebrities and their piers. Who care about Justin? He’s just another distraction in a media frenzy of misinformation to keep people side tracked from national and local issues of importance…..Like our freedom and mind control by the same distortions of truth.

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