Good Fight Ministries Takes on Beyonce, Satan, and Demon Possession

I’ll bet that when you were watching Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance, you thought she looked like a woman possessed.  Well, the good people at Good Fight Ministries now have a thought-provoking video out that goes a step further by explaining that yes she was possessed, and this is exactly how it works.

Now, anywhere on Common Sense Conspiracy you can find articles about Beyonce and the Illuminati imagery in her videos and works.  Whether you buy into that stuff or not is totally a personal decision, but this video is particularly strange because it is obviously manufactured by people flying under the banner of serious Christians.

What do you think?  Is this proof that Beyonce and her hubby Jay-Z are doing some major, big-time devil worshipping?  Or do the people at Good Fight Ministries have an agenda all their own?

In any case, Good Fight has an excellent chance of finding itself on the CSC’s Top 5 Sites for B.S. in the upcoming year, although we are just getting started.

2 thoughts on “Good Fight Ministries Takes on Beyonce, Satan, and Demon Possession”

  1. UGH she looks like Rosie Odonnell when the video starts. There must be a demon to cause a beyutiful teasy tan girl to look like a fat Irish lesbo. Yucko. Exercise that thang now!

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