Eric Holder Wants More Funds to Fight Civil Injustice for His People — And They are Not All Americans

This video is fascinating.  The Black Panther incident in question was a highly volatile situation in which the organization engaged in what is unquestionably voter intimidation.  Voter intimidation is a big problem in America still, and during last year’s Presidential election, it came to light plenty of times, mostly on the “conventional” side, the white side.  Meaning that there were allegations that white people and the Republican Party were engaging in tactics to try to suppress other ethnicities from voting.

The tactics by the Black Panthers are a lot easier to prove, since they are right there on video doing it, screaming for the killing of “crackers” and basically making a mockery of everything that people like Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for.  So, when asked about enforcing the law against cases like this, Eric Holder dodged the question (as he dodges most questions that are posed to him) by becoming outraged that this could even be compared to what “his” people went through in the 1960s.

So, is the question which one is worse?  I thought we were just trying to figure out which ones were wrong.

Why does breaking the law have to have a historical context?  Why do we still have to see it in black and white?  And why does that same black and white always have to be heavily leaned one way or the other like a seesaw?  Today, do we see it more black than white?  Does this make up for us historically seeing it more white than black?

Is this how equality works?  Looks like there ought to be an easier way to figure out how to make things the same for everyone.