Does New York’s Governor Cuomo Want to Kick Christians Out of New York?

Okay, so did we opt for the ultra-controversial title?  Yep.  But wait.  We did it for a good reason.

In conspiracy circles, this doesn’t mean a whole lot at all.  The interview that has the world on fire is not much more than normal slimy political pandering from a, well, average slimy politician.  However, there are Christian groups that are trying to make more of this than there is.

Shh!  We're looking for Christians door to door.
Shh! We’re looking for Christians door to door.

Below, we have the actual interview for you to peruse so you can make up your own mind.  It is the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, in a radio interview in which he makes some comments about people that are pro-life and “anti-gay.”  While he doesn’t direct his commentary at Christians in as many words, many Christian organizations see his comments as obviously directed at them.

Well, they’re probably right.

If I were to say that someone was pro-life (that means anti-abortion, but the media would never put it that way) and believed that homosexuality in general was wrong, what would be the first thing that would come to your mind?  Probably a Christian, right?

Can you be a Christian and be pro-choice and think there’s nothing wrong with a gay lifestyle?  Well, I suppose you could be, but you would definitely be trailblazing your own brand of Christianity that really probably needs a new Bible and a new name.  Common Sense Conspiracy is not advocating either side, here, but we are just stating some simple facts.  If you are a Christian, then most of what Cuomo said probably describes you.

But does he want Christians out of New York?

Well, the reason we stated above that some Christian organizations are taking this too far is because if you actually read or listen to the entire interview and not just the sentence that is being singled out, you’ll find that Cuomo’s commentary actually isn’t saying that he wants anyone kicked out of anywhere.  He is simply saying that extreme conservatives represent a demographic that he doesn’t believe is consistent with New York as a whole.  He also references buying assault rifles in the middle of all that as well.

So, do we have any Christians reading that live in New York?  How do you feel about your governor’s comments?  Are you packing your bags?  Do you think he was misunderstood?  Are his words being contorted, as he has said in response to the controversy?

Is there a such thing as a gay Christian?  Can a Christian disagree with the lifestyle of the gay community without being patently “anti-gay?”  What is “anti-gay?”