Death Sentence Possibility for Boston Bomber Tsarnaev Shows Fallacy of System — Tsarnaev Will Outlive You and I

It was a major news story today that infamous Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will indeed be prosecuted with the death penalty as the desired result.  There is already some outcry in the community.  The ACLU has said that since the bombings occurred in Massachusetts, a state that long ago abolished the death penalty, the death penalty should not be sought.  The federal government does have the option, however, and prosecutors have said from the beginning that if it was on the table, they would definitely go for it.

If you are a middle-aged American, Tsarnaev will almost definitely outlive you.
If you are a middle-aged American, Tsarnaev will almost definitely outlive you.

Experts were all over the mainstream media commenting on the decision.  Many said this will hugely complicate the trial.  It may take a decade now to unfold.  And even if convicted, Tsarnaev would then spend years in prison before he was actually executed.  Everyone just shakes their head and says, “Yep…that’s just the way it is in America.  The wheels of justice turn slow.”

But why?

Everyone in America knows that either A, Tsarnaev is guilty, or B, the government is elaborately framing him for the crime.  Either way, he is screwed.  This trial shouldn’t take a decade.  It should take less than an afternoon.  In a crime of this magnitude and with the resources the agencies involved have at their disposal, there should definitely be a DNA evidence trail linking Tsarnaev to these actions.  If there isn’t, maybe we need to take a cold, hard look at the government’s case.

That’s the problem with the death penalty in America.  It’s not administered properly.  People cite all of these statistics about it not deterring crime.  How do you know?  If someone was deterred, that means they didn’t do it.  You can’t measure how many people were going to murder someone and thought better of it, at least not until the Minority Report thought crime prediction technology is put into place.  And if someone went ahead and did it, then it is pretty obvious that they were undeterred.  You can’t measure that with statistics because there will always be a big 0 on the deterred side because there is no way you would know.

Secondly, the fact that Death Row inmates go on to live decades even after convictions is another factor.  Would it deter crime better if it were swift?  Who knows, but we don’t know from the dumb way we do it now?  Why consume those resources wasting time?

Tsarnaev’s trial should take less than an afternoon.  If found guilty, he should be granted appeals.

The appeals should take less than an afternoon.

Tsarnaev should be dead the next day.

Let’s go a step further.  Our justice system is so messed up that Tsarnaev’s attorneys will continue to file useless appeals to keep him alive even if he doesn’t want them to.  In our overly litigious society, the attorneys will be so terrified that someone will say they didn’t do enough that they will continue to stall things even if the guilty party just wants to get it over with.  How dumb is that?

The problem is not the system.  The system is what it is.  It’s been that way a long time.  We see that it doesn’t really work.  Everyone walking around on the streets knows that crime and punishment in America is a troubled relationship.  Drug offenses receive more attention than violent crimes.  But we, the people, we allow it to continue.  There is ABSOLUTE NO REASON that the American justice system can’t be cleaned up.  But we have to stop just saying, well, it is what it is.  Because that’s what the problem is.

If you a middle-aged American right now, then the odds that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev outlives you are incredibly good.  How does that make you feel?  He will be convicted, sentenced to death, and he will outlive you and he will outlive me.

When it should have taken less than an afternoon.