Are You a Free-Range Chicken?

Don’t want to unravel our site into just posting images, but today, this one graphic really caught our attention.  As many of you may know by now, there is some controversy about “free roaming” chickens.  The concept is that if you buy these “free range” chickens, they are not kept in little crates sitting in their own dung, but allowed to live a “normal” life of a chicken.

At the end of that so-called “normal” life, they end up being slaughtered just the same.  So, it comes down to you, the consumer, choosing to purchase free range chicken eggs or meat because you like to know that they chicken was happy just before it was slaughtered so you could consume it.

Common Sense Conspiracy is not a site that has any agenda about meat or animal by-products.  While we do note that vegan and vegetarian lifestyles seem to have a high success rate of being healthy ones, we are definitely not beating the PETA drum.  However, we do think it is important to see what is happening here with the chickens.  The only difference between the chickens is that one kind is treated miserably and then slaughtered quickly while the other is treated a little better up until they are slaughtered, perhaps having no chance to see it coming at all.

Hmm… well when you put it that way: